Oromia: Five police officers killed in a continued tension between Gidda Ayanaa militias and Federal police

July 12, 2012 Finfinnee (Qeerroo)

News from Gidda Ayana district confirmed the death of 5 federal police officers in a continued confrontation between the Gidda Ayana militias. The residents of this district were complaining about the harassment of the police on bogus suspicion of complicit in OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) activities in the area and disarmament program.

The federal police unit was sent to the area after the authorities showed dissatisfaction with the local police weapons search team. But when the team reached Dirree Guddaa Baqoo, the local law enforcement militias asked why they came and the importance of repeated harassment of the people for ideal weapons. In an apparent disagreement and gun battle that broke out, which lasted for nearly 3 hours, 5 federal police were killed.

After the shocking incident, it is reported that the authoritarian government of Ethiopia deployed large number of another Federal Police unit and members of the regular army to take control over boiling popular discontent in the district.

In a similar news three cabinet members of the ruling Oromo Peoples Democratic Organisation (OPDO) of Hebantu District were reported to have joining the opposition resistance movement, after the federal police tried to arrest them on suspicion of supporting and feeding the OLF special unit and inability to stabilise the revolting population of Hebantu District and complicit in the OLF activities in the area. The officers are:

1. Takale Bayisa: Vice governor of the Hebantu District
2. Lammi Jabaa: Security head of the District
3. Ifaa Abarra: Head of the District public relations and communications department

In a separate popular resistance in Anfillo District, the long time stronghold of the Oromo resistance movement; the local residents and Qeerroo activists rescued three well respected and known community members from the prison of the Woyane government in Yattii district with a concerted pressure and strict deadline demands to the local officials. Residents said, the Oromo people should take stand in other places when the government cadres imprison anyone they don’t like because of his/her identity as a responsible Oromo and commitment for his/her Oromummaa and his/her people.



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