Urgent Call for Oromo National Unity to Defeat the TPLF

                               OLF-Oromoliberationfront.info | July 31, 2012

Speculations about Meles Zenawis health have exposed the instability of the brutal Ethiopian regime. It will not be far fetched to expect their tradition of power struggle when a leader is displaced to consume and emasculate the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). Assisted by its external supporters, the TPLF may reorganize its capacities and survive for a little while. Be that as it may, Oromo freedom fighters and the entire Oromo nation must push the struggle forward with a renewed vigor and determination. The urgency the situation poses calls for the mobilization of our forces, and requires the consolidation of our resources in a common front.

Therefore, we call for unity of all individuals and organizations that have their objective as the liberation of Oromia within the shortest possible time. We reaffirm our total commitment in working to reunite the OLF around the national objective of liberation of Oromia.

We urge the Oromo diaspora to rally behind the OLF and provide sustained support to the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), to allow it carry out its core duty of liberating and defending the Oromo national territory as well as protecting Oromo institutions, Oromo property and human lives. We request the Oromo communities around the world to set up a special fund for the restoration and strengthening of the Oromo national struggle for the liberation of Oromia immediately.

We reaffirm that the objective of liberation of Oromia, the secularity of the OLF and religious freedom in its political program are non-negotiable. We call on all social and political stakeholders in Oromia, including true Oromo nationals working with the Ethiopian regime, to reject divisive enemy propaganda, to work together to protect the social cohesion of Oromo communities and preserve national unity. We reassure that the protections of human rights for all that live in Oromia irrespective of ethnicity, faith and race is our inherited tradition.

We are aware that anti-liberation forces, and their Oromo collaborators, whose undying dream is to bring back the old system, are working tirelessly to divide our people along regional and religious lines to occupy power in Finfinnee. We call upon Oromos everywhere to join hands, form a common front, and vigilantly protect the unity of our people.

Those who are engaged in working against national unity and the reversal of historical gains of the struggle should also immediately halt their deceptive activities.

We call for the unity of the liberation forces behind a single red line, against which we should unite ourselves under fire. It is obvious that from the opposite side we are dealing with powerful local and foreign forces, which we must oppose by the unity and cooperation of our liberation forces, who express the aspirations of our people for secured and blessed life in liberated Oromia, and inspire and motivate them to strengthen their multi-dimensional resistance against the forces of occupation. Given a united, informed, determined and organized people victory will be ours.

Oromia shall be free!


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