August 30, 2012 – Day of Remembrance for TPLF Killed & Disappeared Oromo Nationalist Artists

Remembering the 16th anniversary of the execution of Ebbisa Addunya by the evil TPLF security force threatened by the brave nationalist who expressed the pains and aspirations of the Oromo nation for freedom and justice in his music that continues to inspire the Nation for freedom and justice. On this day, we also remember the countless other Oromo nationalist artists murdered by the TPLF regime. A luta continua!

Ebbisa Addunya, the extremely fearless and vocal advocate of the Oromo people, was gunned down in his home, along with his friend – Tana Wayessa, by Ethiopian security forces on August 30, 1996. Ebbisa Addunyaa was a popular young Oromo singer. Ebbisa is one of the several Oromo artists gunned down by the Woyane security forces. Short biographies of Usmayyoo Musa & Ebissa Addunya is given here.

–Full Report


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