By Tsegaye Hailu | 06 October 2012

Gobana Dacche was a traitor for allying with the northern Ethiopian(Abyssinia) to conquer the Oromo land. In allaying with Menelik II, ” The African Hitler”, Gobana surrendered Oromia to the hands of bloody colonizers from the northern part. Due to Gobana Dacches historical uncorrected mistake, Oromia have lost and keep losing the life of millions of her children, and natural resources. We have got just only shame, humiliation, harassment, oppression, massacre and hunger from Gobana’s evil deeds. He was just a toll to cause destruction of Oromo people and Oromia in the hands of cruel enemy. He was used by Menelik II once and then thrown away from the line. Gobana Dacche was simply a “use and throw” for cruel Menelik II.

Professor Mohammed Hassan translates the following song as an example of Oromo expression that Gobana Dacche betrayed his own people
“ It is strange, it is strange, it is strange,
women do not raid houses

She who gives birth to a dog is strange
relatives do not hurt each other,
the haft of an axe is strange
people of one stock do not sell each other
that of the son of Dacche is strange”
Yes, Gobana Dacche was strange to sell his people , the Oromo people ,to enemy , he was really strange to sell his land , Oromia to colonizers. He was strange that time but long lasting in our history. He was truly strange that time but long happening and replaced one after the other in generations inside the Oromo people. He was strange that time but new Gobana dacches are reality today inside our society home and abroad. He was strange and illiterate that time but the educated new Gobana Dacches run up and down today against the freedom of their own people , against Oromo and Oromia.

Oromia gave birth to hero who gave their precious and irreplaceable life for the benefit of their own people, Oromo. Many died in wars for the struggle for freedom and more killed by brutal regimes just because of they are ethnic Oromos. Men and women, young and old plus children died heroic death but by brutal killers from Menelik II to dictator Meles Zenawi of Tigre from north and the same story is going in the post Meles Ethiopia too. But on the dark side of Oromo history, mother Oromia who gave birth to Gobana Dacche got more traitor too in the course of years. Gobana Dacches’ children helped the Ethiopian empire to continue killing the Oromo people, over taking Oromia, destroying the identity of the Oromo people and fully exploit the natural resources. There has been children of Gobana Dacche from Africa’s Adolf Hitler (Menelik II) to this time. All the leaders of Abyssinia colonized Oromia share one common character, that is they used Gobana Dacche and his children to kill the Oromo people and exploit Oromia. Abyssinian Colony has not been reality with out the active role of such traitors. Generations tasted just humiliation and sward, death and all rounded lose from the fruits of Gobana Dacche and his children in the past. what about today? What is going on with continuation of Gobanas in our society? Questions this generation have to answer.

In our time too, new Gobana generation is moving around and stretching their bloody shameful hands to sell their own innocent people to cruel enemies again and again. The little grown Gobana Dacches’ children, the so called Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization ( OPDO) which supposed to be called ” Of course Produced from Dacche’s Origin (OPDO), did and are doing today what their father Gobana dacche did to the Oromo people. They allied with the brutal regime in Ethiopia currently on power, Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front(TPLF) and humiliated them selves and the Oromo people again. OPDO was and is the master key used by TPLF gang to kill many thousands of Oromo our innocent people, to take many thousands of Oromo men and women in to prison, to exploit the resources of Oromia and to destroy the identity of our people while many left their home land and scattered through out the world and suffering bitter life else where. Our mother, Oromia, cried and is crying blood from the core due to cooperation of OPDO with bloody regime of Ethiopia, EPRDF. What OPDO did and doing is a great lose to every one of this Oromo generation. But still after losing much we could have learned more out of it and go for better future of Oromia. In going all the way from Gobana Dacches Menelik II to OPDO’s TPLF , we shuld be able to promise for our generation not to allow more Gobanas in our history. This must be the time to say “NO MORE GOBANA DACCHES.” We must be up to the level of building a generation that unified under the umbrella of freedom of Oromo and freedom of mother land Oromia. Yes we have to work in unity towards our primary goal, self-determination. We have to build a generation that feels the pain of his own people, generation that cries the cry of his own people, generation that fights the fight of his own people, generation that dreams the dream of his own people, generation that knows and understands the goal of his own people, generation that joins the struggle of his own people for freedom.

To the contrary what we should have learnt from our historical course of line, still Gobana Dacche is a reality in our society. As the Oromo people is leading a struggle for freedom under the representative political organization, Oromo Liberation Front(OLF), new Gobana Dacches are still arising from time to time. That is the unfortunate part of our history in the struggle for freedom. New Gobanas are moving around and for the shock of many even conceived and have been in the uterus of Oromo Liberation Front(OLF). Gobanas are still being produced but this must be stopped. The Oromo people, we must say no more Gobana Dacche. No more time, energy, resource and generation to lose due to new Gobana Dacches.

The new Gobana Dacche that is running up and down in the diaspora and trying to release more poison in Oromo people’s struggle must be stopped. This is the time to wake up and unite our force and facilitate our struggle to successful level. No more hero to die, no more resources to be exploited due to new Gobana Dacches role. The new Gobanas are characterized by day dreaming about democratic Ethiopia and trying to confirm the Oromo people and cause more lose to our people. New Gobana dacche group must learn from OPDO about the result of being a traitor if not interested in history because OPDO is still in that shell and not a passed story. As our inside enemy, the already existing Gobana Dacche, OPDO , is enough. Other Gobana Dacches stop playing around with the destiny of our people. For the Oromo people it is our actual time to outcast new Gobana Dacches and focus on our own struggle for freedom. Unity ! Unity! Unity! can take the Oromo People to freedom.

Oromia shall be free !!

Tsegaye Hailu can be contacted at tsegishor@gmail.com


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