Memorandum of Understanding and Agreements Between The OLF Transitional Authority and OLF Shanee Gumii

November 21, 2012 (Oromo Liberation Front) –It is known that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was formed in 1973 to struggle for the liberation of the Oromo people from a century old colonial domination and to establish an independent republic of Oromia. Regrettably, a split was created in 2001 in the organization negatively affecting the national struggle.

We the representatives of the OLF Transitional Authority and OLF Shanee Gumii have met from 14 – 20 November 2012 to finalize the talks which have been ongoing for many years and discussed problems which have led to the split of the OLF in 2001; being aware of the importance of unity for the liberation of the Oromo people and the gravity of the situation in which the Oromo nation finds itself, and reaffirming the ideals of the OLF and the objective of Oromo national struggle, we have reached the following solutions and agreements:

  • We have resolved our differences and concluded long years of talks with reconciliation that is in the best interest of our nation;
  • We have agreed to draw lessons from the mistakes made as the consequence of the split ;
  • We are determined to revitalize the national struggle for liberation;
  • We reaffirm that the objective of our struggle is the achievement of Oromo national self-determination and the establishment of an Independent Democratic Republic of Oromia;
  • We agreed to reunite our forces, combine our resources and restore a strong OLF in order to meet the serious challenges that are facing the Oromo nation, and to struggle for its survival and independence;
  • We agree that coordinated political, diplomatic and armed struggle is the means to be used to achieve the objective of Oromo national liberation.

We call upon all the members and supporters of the OLF, and the Oromo people at large, to give their unreserved support to the reconciliation made by the two OLF organizations and re-invigorate in unison the struggle to liberate Oromia from the subjugation and exploitation. We also here by urge all members and supporters of the two organizations to end hostilities in order to create conducive atmosphere for the reconciliation.

We are determined to carry forward the struggle for national liberation and therefore demand the co-operation of all Oromos, individuals and organizations to join us in this sacred endeavor to liberate the Oromo nation.

Victory to the Oromo people!


Oromo Liberation Front


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