Finfinnee University Students Demand Oromo Rights in Finfinnee

The following demands of the Oromo Students @ Finfinnee University were made public in January 2012; none of the demands  of the students have been answered by the Ethiopian regime. Rather than responding to the  nonviolent/peaceful demands of the Oromo students,  TPLF has resorted to thuggish provocation and violence.

(January 15, 2012 – SBO) – Finfinnee University students have demanded Oromo rights in Finfinnee, including statues in Finfinnee for Oromo nationalist martyrs, according to a report by SBO. Finfinnee is the capital of Oromiyaa, as well as the political capital of Africa. The Oromo is the largest nation in the Horn of Africa and Ethiopia, but a nation politically and economically marginalized and repressed for the last 120 years in its own homeland, Oromia.

The statue in the following videos is a sample design for the Oromo hero Gen. Taaddasaa Birruu in a proposed Oromo Culture and History Heritage Park in Finfinnee; it was designed by a contributor. Gen. Taaddasaa was an Oromo nationalist freedom fighter, and he was executed by the Derg in 1975.

Listen to SBO


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