Ethiopia: Beatings, Arrests and Detentions at Addis Ababa University – HRLHA Urgent Action

January 6, 2013 at 2:04 am ·

The following is a statement from the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA).

January 05, 2013
The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep concern regarding the unknown situations of students of Addis Ababa/Fininne University, who were arrested and detained following the clash between two groups of students on the Arat kilo University Campus (College of Natural Science) on the 2nd of January, 2013.


According to information obtained by HRLHA through its correspondents, more than 100 (one hundred) students, the big majority of whom are Oromos, have been taken into custody after being dealt with heavy-handedly by government security forces. HRLHA has also learnt that a lot of Oromo students have received from minor to major life-threatening injuries; and, as a result, a lot have been admitted to hospitals. There is also unconfirmed report that a student named Gammachu Abdi has already died from the severe injuries inflicted on him by the security agents. HRLHA has managed to get the names of the following students from among those who have been arrested and detained:



Department & Year

Ethnic background

1 Abdisa Balachew Tafasa Sivili Eng. 3rd Oromoo
2 Abbabaa Gaddafa Baayisa Biology 2nd Oromoo
3 Gaaddisaa Taayisa Fufaa Chemistry 1st Oromoo
4 Lamma Chala Dumessa Biology 1st Oromoo
5 Dabalaa Idechaa Amsha Geology 1st Oromoo
6 Gaddisaa Abarra Abbabora Geology 2nd Oromoo
7 Tadele Tarekegn Lemma Geology 3rd Oromoo
8 Gari Tolina Wakjira Geology 2nd Oromoo
9 Ahimad Mustafa Fida Physics 1st Oromoo
10 Sanyi Daggafa Duresso Maths 2nd Oromoo
11 Bekele Abdisa Amus E/Engineering 3rd Oromoo
12 Husen Ahimad Abbabaa Biology 1st Oromoo
13 Abodulahi Eres Turi Maths 1st Oromoo
14 Yonas Dina Barkeessa Chemistry 1st Oromoo
15 Jammara balayi Gudeta Hearth Sceince 2nd Oromoo
16 Hirpha Tolera Irana Physics 1st Oromoo
17 Malaku Girma Anjaggo Biology 1st Oromoo
18 Lema Amana Dhina Biology 1st Oromoo
19 Tayib Tesso Wayessa Biology 1st Oromoo
20 Kafo Amida Abbusi Biology 1st Oromoo
21 Isayas Itana Anshu Science 1st Oromoo
22 Kanna Mokonin Galata Comp.Science 1st Oromoo
23 Abdata Gudeta Lamu H/Science 3rd Oromoo
24 Ayana Birhanu Bayane Geology 3rd Amhara
25 Abebe Ayale Asaffaa Geology 1st Oromo
26 Iftayom Kumsa Mulata Geology 2nd Oromo
27 Olana Tamasgen Aga E/ 3rd Oromoo
28 Nanboni Tamiru Diriba Geology 1st Oromoo
29 Iyasuu Tamasgen Fatane C/ 3rd Oromoo
30 Yoreson Yoregecha Chala Accounting 1st Oromoo
31 Anlayi Alemayehu Adimasu Biology 2nd Amhara
32 Igataa Gudina Aboma C/ Oromo
33 Dibaba Birbesa  Gutema Earth Science 2nd Oromo
34 Desalegn Akkasa Kalbessa Earth Science 2nd Oromoo
35 Fikadu Warku Magarsa Chemistry 3nd Oromoo
36 Abbay Garemewu Gawawe Chemistry 3nd Amhara
37 Muluneh Gammachu Kamme C/Eng.eng 3rd Oromo
38 Yihenew Tasfaye Aseffa Con.sience 3rd Amhara
39 Indalehu Balay Shita Maths 2nd Amhara
40 Belete Mosisa Kadida Biology 3rd Oromo
41 Tajudin Abdulatif Statics 2nd
42 Tadele Indashewu Hundesa Earth Science 4th Oromoo
43 Sisay Fayera Warqina Maths 3rd Oromoo
44 Kelay Wandim Teway Maths 2nd Tigre
45 Abdata Taye Mulata Biology 1st Oromo
46 Birhan Mokonin Alemu Maths 2nd Amhara
47 Taressa Nagasa Nagara Chemestry 3rd Oromo
48 Ahunalam Mokonin Dinqa Statics 3rd Oromo
49 Tamasgen Marilign Tawayi Chemestry 2nd Amhara
50 Lalisa Biqila Dheressaa Maths 1nd Oromo
51 Misgnawu Aweke G/Hiwot Statics 2nd Amhara
52 Amsalu Abdata Kabbadaa Geology 1st Oromo
53 Mamahu Mulugeta Kefalehu Physics 2nd Amhara
54 Mohamad Jafar Ahimad Geology 3rd Amhara
55 Yohanis Arega Amanu Statics 2nd Kibba
56 Tafari Shababi Mokonin Statics 3rd Amhara
57 Aman Bati Magarsa Chemistry 2nd Oromo
58 Mabiratu G/Mikael G/madin Chemistry 3rd Tigre
59 Camiro Abuti Anche Geology 3rd Kanbata
60 Takala Gone Fage Geology 3rd Kibba
61 Gaddisa Galisa Banee Language 2nd Oromo
62 Gudina DasalegnAmante Biology 3rd Oromo
63  Getaneh Azona Alamu Nursing 1st Amhara       Oromoo
64 Guddee Wakkane Huraa   Maths 2nd Amhara
65 Birhanu Taye Molla Physics 2nd Oromo
66 Gutema Mokonin Wakessa Geology 2nd Oromo
67 Kabataa Fetene Oromoo
68 Getachew Galata Warku Maths 2nd Oromo
69 Ramadan Tayib Gada Biology Oromoo
70 Mesert Tafarra Oromo
71 Yaiqob Gadaa Dabalee Chemistry 2nd Tigray
72 Tariku Bulcha Hayle Baiology 2nd Oromo
75 Danile Reba Wagga Biology 1st Oromo
76 Abbabaa Tuuji Caalaa Biology 2nd Oromo
77 Abdata Abdissa Daga Maths 2nd Oromo
78 Dingata Lamu Jakaa Maths 2nd Oromo
79 Kaasaa Asrat Biology 3rd Amhara
80 Hadisha G/Mariyam Tigre
81 Tseggawu Khasayi Geology 3rd Tigre
82 Geta Make Cana Biology 3rd Amhara
83 Warku Amare Biology 3rd Amhara
84 Mulugeta Casale Geology 3rd Amhara
85 Amagn Adamu Maths 2nd Amhara
86 Dajane Walde Biology 2nd Tigre
87 Ligaba Aseffa Biology 3rd Amhara
88 Dase Teshome Physics 2nd Amhara
89 Aschelahu Chemistry 3rd Amhara
90 Dereje Bitawu Chemistry 3rd Amhara
91 Getnet Ayanew E/ 3rd Amhara
92 Aregawu Monyinet Chemistry 3rd Amhara
93 Desta W/Gieorgis Comp. Science Tigre
94 Uman G/Ananiya Biology 2nd Tigre
95 Yonas Taham Statics 2nd Tigre
96 W/Kros Khilu Geology 1st Tigre
97 Dirribsa Caalaa Geology 1st Oromo
98 Ebbisa Barki Chemistry 2nd Oromo
99 Asimamahu Mangistu Biology 1st Amhara

Different sources indicate that the clash between the two groups was triggered when some students of Tigre nationals posted posters containing derogatory messages that aimed at the Oromo people. It is recalled that the same incident took place exactly in the same manner a year ago at the Mizan-Teppi University in the south (HRLHA Urgent Action, April 11, 2011, a fierce Crackdown against University in the South-Western Ethiopia). The only difference is that the actions by the government forces in handling the current situation included students of other ethnic backgrounds including the Tigreans.

Although the interference of the government security forces was not far from expectations, the very harsh and violent actions that have resulted in life-threatening injuries and death are not acceptable by any standard. Given the violent way the students were dealt with, it is also very likely that they could be subjected to tortures.

So, HRLHA calls up on the Ethiopian government to unconditionally release the detained students; and allow necessary treatments for those who have been injured and/or wounded. We also call upon the Ethiopian government to investigate the clash and bring the culprits to justice so that they refrain from continued racist provocations that always aimed at the same nationality – the Oromos.


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