Ethiopia: Raya under destruction

by Teumay Debesay | Feberuary 3, 2013

tigray-raya-300x228Raya refers a tract of land stretching from Ala wuha in the south to Alaje in the north. That is bigger than Adwa and Axum awrajas combined. Historically, this is where the Weyane rebellion started in 1928 as a spontaneous reaction to a repressive system of the time. Originating in their present day Kobo wereda, the revolt would quickly spread to cover the entire Raya and Wejerat provinces. Later, the inhabitants of Enderta joined the revolt and a sort of quasi-organized alliance was formed after a decade of Raya and Wejerat rebellion. This alliance, Weyane, would emerge so potent that by its heyday it practically liberated the provinces of Raya, Wejerat and Enderta. The imperial government with the support of British Air force resorted to aerial bombardment of the rebel held areas which caused a wide-spread damage, including complete erasure of villages. However, the most detrimental factor that actually caused the demise of Weyane was to come from none other than Adwa people.

In 1943, Dejazmach Gebrehiwot Meshesha along with a dozen of Adwans exploited the trust vested on them to assassinate the leaders of the Weyane movement. This is significant for in the Ethiopian tradition, at least until then, if one manages to kill the leader one will win the battle. Meshesha and co. breach of the traditional trust and value was so venomous that even to this date mistrust and resentment runs high in Raya. It is to be noted that if not for Meshesha of Adwa, the people were in a very strong bargaining position and if one has to look how similar revolts in Bale and other regions were resolved, the rebels demand for better governance was within reach. As a thank you for their contribution, Meshesha and his fellow Adwans were rewarded heavily by Haileselasse while a series of punitive attacks continued on the ‘originators’ of Weyane and ultimately Raya was divided between Wollo and Tigray.

When the TPLF started the armed insurrection in Ethiopia, it took little time to transform itself as an Adwa-only club by the same inherited act of treachery. The legacy of resentment that Meshesha and co. left means TPLF-Adwa had hard time to set foot in Raya. Hence, they needed to come up with a trick and did it so by cosmetically inserting the word Weyane in the Tigrigna version of its name. Taken with the harsher realities under DERG, Rayans reluctantly sided with TPLF on the principle of the lesser devil. Soon, tens of thousands of Raya youth joined the TPLF, including forming the majority and the backbone of Hadush “Hayelom” Ariaya’s fighting force that brought the little known “Hayelom” into prominence.

However, if the experience of my village is anything, it is fair to conclude that almost all the Raya recruits ended up as cannon fodders. Those who survived, especially the independent and rational ones, would have never escaped the Meles-Sebhat death squad. In Raya, for example, it is not uncommon to talk to your relative TPLF fighter over the phone in the morning only to be notified of his death of “natural” consequences on the same day. I will say more on the motives next time. But for now, I want to draw your attention to the following Table, which is taken from the 1994 and 2007 population census of Ethiopia. I think this illustrates how the Raya and Adwa are faring under the TPLF-Adwa administration.

Table 1: Population of Raya and Adwa awraja towns in 1994 and 2007 census1

Raya-under-destruction1Clearly, 7 towns (Robit, Gobiye, Waja, Mersa, Korem, Wedisemro, Chelena) of Raya from the total 11, i.e., 64% of the town that existed in the 1994 Census Ethiopia have died or are dying.  Well, with Adwa awraja towns the figures show a hard-to-believe growth registering as ridiculous as 1033% for Gerhusenay, Idegaarbi(377%), Nebelet(266%); even noticeable is the emergence of a novel city (Diobdibo) in the 2007 census, attesting to the developmental and modernization campaigns  in Adwa rural areas as well. The bar graph of the rate at which towns are expanding (Adwa) or shrinking (Raya) shown below can only be a proof that in the so-called Tigray “killil” both, depending on the area, de-constructive and constructive policies are in operation.

To the unsuspecting, it may occur that this might have to do with the pre-1991 TPLF bandit caused civil war. However, it is not quite so for, for instance, there was no single bomb that was dropped on Adwa towns nor was a confrontation in populated areas in the entire Adwa awraja. There was insignificant causality as far as the civilian population of Adwa is concerned for the TPLF military engagement tactic in Adwa/Axum area was totally different from the rest awrajas. For example, Korem town alone might have received far more arial bombardment than the entire Adwa awraja. From SehulMikael (the Godfather of Ethiopia’s disintegration), to Meshesha-Sebhat-Meles-Sebhat(again), there exist very little dissimilarity.


Right now, Alamata, the only remaining city not to die fast enough as Adwans would have liked to see, is under open destruction. The residents never complained on the absence of developmental activity but never expected that the Adwa administration of the city will come-up with a destruction agenda. Surprised by the revelation, the unsuspecting residents went to Mekelle to air their grievances in the hope that the big men there might be rational and take proper action. However, Abay Woldu’s administration did not give it a second to listen; just ordered more Bulldozers, armored tanks and a battalion to effectively carry out the planned destruction. Worse, those who complained the demolishing of their belonging are rounded-up and now languish in Adwa operated secret Tigrayan jails.


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Mootummaan Wayyaanee Duula Oromoo Irratti Baneen Warraaqsa Gaggeessitan Sababa Jedhuun Yuunivarsiitii Jimmaatti Keessatti Barattoota Oromoo 3 Ari’uun 4 Ammoo Akeekachiisa Itti Kenne

Gurraandhala 03,2013 Jimmaa

Gaaffii mirgaa barattootni mooraa Yuunivarsiitii Jia darbe keessa dhaabbatan mootummaan Wayyaanee doorsisaa fi waraanaan dura dhaabbachaa turuun isaa ni yaadatama.Yeroo ammaa kanas mootummaan wayyaanee gaaffii mirgaa barattoota irraa mudachaa jiru dura dhaabbachuuf barattoota mooraa kanaa isintu qindeessa,gaaffii akka gaafatab barattoota kan kakaasu isini jechuun barattoota sadii waggaa tokkoof barnoota irraa yoommuu ariiu barattoota 4 tti ammo akeekkachiisa dhumaa dabarsee jira.Mootummaan wayyaanee yeroodhaa gara yerootti barattoota ariiuu fi hidhuu kan jabeessaa dhufe yoommuu tahu barattoota kanneen ariiuu fi akeekkachiisuun gaaffii mirgaa hin dhaabu jechuun qeerroon yuunivarsiitii Jimmaa ibsee jira.Barattootni ariiaman barattota eebbifamtoota yoommuu tahan isaanis

Lakk Maqaa barataa Muummee Waggaa Adabbii
1 Barataa Moosisaa Kitilaa Electrical Engineering 5th Waggaa tokkoof barnoota irraa ariiame
2 Barataa Atsbayaa Balaay Mechanical Engineering 3rd Waggaa tokkoof barnoota irraa ariiame
3 Barataa Taarikaayyoo H/Maariyaam Midwife 3rd Waggaa tokkoof barnoota irraa ariiame
4 Barataa Abbabaa Isheetee Chemistry 3rd Akeekkachiisa xumuraa
5 Barata Biraanuu Shewaangizaw Civil Engineering 3rd Akeekkachiisa xumuraa
6 Barataa Boshaa Kumarraa Mechanical Engineering 5th Akeekkachiisa xumuraa
7 Barataa Taaddasaa Mogos Mechanical Engineering 3rd Akeekkachiisa xumuraa

Yoommuu tahan mootummaan wayyaanee gaaffii mirgaa hidhaa fi barnootaan dura dhaabbachuuf akeekkatus yeroodhaa gara yerootti gaaffiin mirgaa mootummaa wayyaanee cinqaa jiraachuun isaa beekamaa dha.Jala deemtotni mootummaa wayyaanee harka mirgaa mootummaa wayyaanee tahuun sabboontota dabarsitanii diinaaf kennaa jirtanis akka of qusattan qeerroon dhaamsa jabaa dabarsa.

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