SBS: Interview with Obbo Jawar Mohammed on the Oromo Struggle

” Thank you Jawar Mohammed for your nice, and articulate presentation of the reality of Oromo people. Every Oromo should tell to others how we think about our freedom. The Oromo people have never retreated from getting its freedom. We don’t negotiate
with our freedom and our struggle will never return back from its current stage, and most importantly we are very much capable of getting our freedom in our land. We never tried to colonize or oppress others , we only asked for our sovereign human right. And we are capable of achieving it, and we have and will never ask permission of others for it. Every one has to know this, and those who want to stand with Oromo people should come with this understanding in mind. That’s why such interviews help to let others know about our thoughts. Thanks a lot once again Jawar Mohammed! ”

by Zelalem Woyesa

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