An aide to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has apologised after she failed to inform politicians holding talks with the president that they were live on air, allowing viewers to watch them cook up plans to sabotage a dam in Ethiopia.

I am having hard time believing that such robust state as Egypt ‘incidentally’ aired presidential level meeting on issue of at most national importance as Nile. I suspect this was done deliberately as part of their propaganda. Look carefully, the talks did not reveal any secret or operational details. Instead they are stating hypothetical strategic maneuvers that are already public knowledge. For instance, its well known that they support insurgents in upper riparian countries as part of their water strategy.
By bring all major political leaders and intellectuals together and advocating aggressive stance, there could be three messages they want to send out 1) Show that there is solid national unity on the matter 2) Signal that the opposition and intellectuals are more aggressive than the president , hence Ethiopia should understand the pressure he is under and accept his ‘modest’ counter proposals ( See Morsi’s more reconciliatory and diplomatic statement against the blunt and hard-line talks of the rest). 3) Tell the Ethiopian side that Egypt has lots of strategic options and it has full backing of the country’s elite to use them, if there is Jawar Mohammed

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