lise Wodajo, an Oromo Journalist, finally free


August 12, 2013


Lelise Wodajo and two of her three children

Do you remember an Oromo female journalist arrested only for being only Oromo in 2008? Yes, Lelise Wodajo is our heroine. She is finally free and rejoined her family in Australia.

The case of Mrs. Lelise Wodajo, a mother of three dependent children and wife of former ETV journalist Mr. Dhabasa Wakjira was arrested after her husband fled the country to escape further persecutions after three years in prison without trial. She was sentenced for 10 years without parole.

While we are rejoicing Lelise’s freedom, let us remember also thousands and thousands of Oromo languishing in every Tigre prisons around the Empire for similar reason.

Below is background information about Lelise Wodajo:

CPJ: Two Ethiopian state TV journalists under arrest

Amnesty International Appeals for Detained/Tortured Oromo Prisoners

Unforgettable happy moment, Melbourne, Australia, August 2013

Lelise Wodajo with her husband, August 2013

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