Dr. Birhanemeskel Segni and Geletaw Zeleke on Walelign Mekonnen’s

“What are the Ethiopian people composed of? I stress on the word
peoples because sociologically speaking at this stage Ethiopia is not
really one nation. It is made up of a dozen nationalities with their own
languages, ways of dressing, history, social organization and territorial entity.
And what else is a nation? It is not made of a people with
a particular tongue, particular ways of dressing, particular history,
particular social and economic organization? Then may I conclude that
in Ethiopia there is the Oromo Nation, the Tigrai Nation, the Amhara
Nation, the Gurage Nation, the Sidama Nation, the Wellamo [Wolayta]
Nation, the Adere [Harari] Nation, and however much you may not like
it the Somali Nation.
This is the true picture of Ethiopia. There is of course the fake
Ethiopian Nationalism advanced by the ruling class and unwillingly
accepted and even propagated by innocent fellow travellers.
What is this fake Nationalism? Is it not simply Amhara and to
a certain extent Amhara-Tigre supremacy? Ask anybody what Ethiopian
culture is? Ask anybody what Ethiopian language is? Ask anybody what
Ethiopian music is? Ask anybody what the “national dress” is?
It is either Amhara or Amhara-Tigre!!
To be a “genuine Ethiopian” one has to speak Amharic, to listen to
Amharic music, to accept the Amhara-Tigre religion, Orthodox
Christianity and to wear the Amhara-Tigre Shamma in international
conferences. In some cases to be an “Ethiopian”, you will even have to
change your name. In short to be an Ethiopian, you will have to wear
an Amhara mask (to use Fanon’s expression). Start asserting your
national identity and you are automatically a tribalist, that is if you are
not blessed to be born an Amhara. According to the constitution you
will need Amharic to go to school, to get a job, to read books (however
few) and even to listen to the news on Radio “Ethiopia” unless you are
a Somali or an Eritrean in Asmara for obvious reasons.”
By Walleligne Mekonnen
Nov. 17, 1969


A one Year Summary of Arrests, Killings, and Disappearances of Oromo Nationals by The Ethiopian Government: November 2012 to November 2013 Qeerroo’s Annual Report

November 16, 2013
The current Ethiopian government has continued widespread mass arrests, unlawful killings, and
disappearances of innocent civilians its citizens over the last 21 or so years. Among the
communities highly affected by such repression and oppression of the regime, the Oromo people
is probably rated as number 1. Oromos have been unable to live in their country in peace since
they fell under the rule of the current minority Ethiopian regime. This report partially captures
the list of Oromos who have been unlawfully arrested, killed, or disappeared over a period of one
year from November 2012 to November 2013, compiled by the National Youth Movement for
Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo. The report is by no means a comprehensive
account of the actual number of people arrested, killed, and disappeared. It is rather a tiny
fraction of what actually happened in Oromia and in the country at large. As it is very difficult to
move in the country and compile reports because the government denies access to information,
this report is only the widely known cases that were taken from Qeerroo website as it was
reported over a period of one year.
As is known the National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD) aka Qeerroo
was formed in 2011 by Oromo Youth to ignite the so called “Revolt Against Subjugation” (aka
Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa) in Oromia with the objective of averting the repression of Oromo
nationals by the Ethiopian authorities through civil disobedience.

List of Oromos fired from their job in Western Shoa Ejere district ( November 11-2012)
1. Girma Ararsa, health professional
2. Abbaba Gidira, health professional
3. Dhaqqaba Tafarra, health professional
List of Oromo students dismissed from Madda Walabu University, November 15, 2012.
1. Abdissa Degefa 2

2. Beniyam Geremu
3. Dagim Yitagezu
4. Jirenya Nemomsa
5. Yared Argata
6. Wako Wariyo
7. Liben Gelalcha

Student Abdi Bilisumma was thrown into jail for having this name (“Abdi Bilisumma” means
“hope of Freedom”), November 25, 2012

List of Oromos arrested under the usual and fabricated charge of “terrorism” (November 28,
1. Ahmed Siraj, farmer
2. Adnan Mohammed
3. Johar Seid
4. Kemal Usman
In Eastern Shoa, Bushoftu town, two jobless Oromo youth were abducted under the charge of
having relations with the OLF. (December 11, 2012)
1. Woyyessa Gudeta, a degree holder in management and seeking job
2. Abdu Mohammed, a degree holder in accounting and seeking job
Several Oromos have been accused and thrown into jail from Horo Gudru, East Wollega,
Fichaha Sugar factory. (December 17, 2012). Among those jailed are:
1. Girma Wayyu, head of machinery of the factory
2. Name Geleta, employee
A renowned businessman, the owner of Oda Buluq, Mr. Abebe Hailu, has been thrown to jail for
no crime other than an Oromo who has been successful. (December 19, 2012). It is well known
and documented that the current regime targets Oromo successful businessmen while Tigrayan
businessmen work and accumulate wealth freely.
Several Oromo youth have been thrown to jail under the accusation of being members of
Qeerroo. (December 29, 2012). Among those arrested are:
1. Bereket Ephrem
2. Tariku Abera
Several Oromo youth and youth from other oppressed nationalities such as Sidama were arrested
under the accusation of opposing the government and having ties with Qeerroo. (December 23,
2012). Among them are:
1. Dejene Kusa, Oromo
2. Libano Lamesso, Sidama
3. Misho Dalassa, Sidama
4. Worku Alemayehu, Oromo
List of students (Oromos as well as some none-Oromos) thrown into jail, disappeared, and some
dismissed from Finfinne (Addis Ababa) University, January 06, 2013:
No. Name Dept. Y
Dormitory Region 3

1 Abdisa Belachew
3 217 Oromia
2 Abebe Gedefa Baisa Biology 2 128 Oromia
3 Gadissa Tadesse Fufa Chemistry 1 New Saba
4 Lema Chala Dumessa Biology 1 New Saba
5 Debbe Adessa Musha Geology 1 224 Oromia
6 Gadissa Abera Geology 2 013 Oromia
7 Tadele Tarekeyn Lemi Geology 3 105 Oromia
8 Gari Tolia Wakjira Geology 2 013 Oromia
9 Hamid Mustefa Physics 1 310 Oromia
10 Senyi Degefa Duressa Maths 2 034 Oromia
11 Bekele Abdisa Amenu Electrical
3 918 Oromia
12 Abdullahi Eliyas Turi Maths 2 122 Oromia
13 Demera Belai Gudeta Earth
3 329 Oromia
14 Melkamu Girma Biology 2 487 Oromia
15 Teyib Tesso Woyessa Biology 1 New Saba
16 Hangassu Etana Earth
1 New Saba
Oromia 4

17 Abdeta Gudeta Lemu Earth
3 105 Oromia
18 Abebe Ayele Asefa Geology 1 222 Oromia
19 Olana Temesgen Aga Electrical
3 126
Sidist Kilo
20 Isayas Temesgen
3 932 Oromia
21 Aniley Alemayehu
Biology 2 221 Amhara
22 Dibaba Birbirsso
2 New Saba
23 Fekadu Worku
Chemisty 3 304 Oromia
24 Adnew Tesfaye
2 New Saba
25 Endalew Belay Shita Maths 2 New Saba
26 Huseen Ahmed Biology 1 227 Oromia
27 Yonas Dina Berkessa Chemistry 2 322 Oromia
28 Arja Tolera Erena Physics 1 New saba
29 Lema Amenu Adunya Biology 1 New saba
30 Kufa Hamba Obsi Biolgy 1 New saba
31 Keno Mekonnen Geleta Computer 1 New saba Oromia 5

Science 311
32 Ayele Berhanu Beyene Geology 3 123 Amhara
33 Efa Kumsa Muleta Geology 1 New saba
34 Nanboni Tamiru
Geology 1 New saba
35 Yerosa Urgessa Chala Accounting 1 FB 143 Oromia
36 Abate Gudina Aboma Civil
3 932 Oromia
37 Dessalenyi Akasa
2 New saba
38 Abebe Geremew
Chemistry 3 402 Amhara
39 Mulugeta Gemechu
3 New saba
40 Tajudin Abdultalif Statics 2 202 Oromia
41 Tadele Endeshaw
4 301 Oromia
42 Sisai Feyissa Maths 3 120 Oromia
43 Kobaye Wondimu
Maths 2 031 Tigrai
44 Abdeta Taye Muleta Biology 1 333 Oromia
45 Berhanu Mekonnen
Maths 2 New
46 Teressa Negassa Chemistry 3 025 Oromia 6

47 Ayinalem Mekonnen
Statics 3 205 Oromia
48 Temesgen Marlign
Chemistry 2 320/402 Amhara
49 Lelissa Bikila Duressa Maths 1 221 Oromia
50 Miganaw Aweke
Statics 2 402/210 Amhara
51 Amsalu Abdeta Kebede Geology 1 402/18 Oromia
52 Melkamu Mulugeta
Physics 4 402/005 Amhara
53 Mohammed Jemal
Geology 3 403/111 Amhara
54 Yohannes Arega
Statics 2 234 South NN
55 Haile Shibeshi
Statics 3 302/315 Amhara
56 Amenu Benti Megerssa Chemistry 2 402/26 Oromia
57 Mebratu G/Michel
Chemistry 3 402/018 Tigrai
58 Tumuro Abito Onche Geology 3 402/117 South NN
59 Takele Gone Faye Geology 4 402/103 South NN
60 Gadissa Gebissa Afaan
2 501/20 Oromia
61 Gudissa Dessalenyi
Biology 3 302/05 Oromia 7

62 Getaneh Azene Alemu Nursing 1 401/109 Amhara
63 Gude Wakene Huri Maths 2 245 Oromia

Several Oromo nationals from Benishangul regional state have been thrown to jail under the
accusation of assisting the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), February 08, 2013. Among them
1. Dereje Tefera, civil servant
2. Hasan Suleiman, civil servant
3. Amsalu Delesa, merchant
Several Oromos have been abducted and thrown into jail from Borana zone, Arero district
[February 08, 2013]. Among them are:
1. Ramato Jilo
2. Dita Kabato
3. Galgalo Wariyo
In Dire Dawa town several youth have been arrested and sent to the notorious Mai’kelawi prison
in Finfinne (Addis Ababa) accused of feeding the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), [February
11, 2013]. Among them are:
1. Barasa Diribi
2. Hussein Abdulkadir
3. Kedir Chala
4. Reta Yadeta
List of Oromo youth thrown to jail from Horro Guduru zone, Jardega Jarte district for allegedly
opposing the government policies [February 23, 2013]
1. Wonde Merga Geleta
2. Dobe Mengistu Hailu
3. Mekonnen Bekele
4. Kebede File
5. Bedhasa Tadesse Hunderra
Two students completely dismissed from Addis Ababa University (Science Faculty), [February
28, 2013]
1. Ararsa Wakjira Oljira, Earth Science 5th
year, from Wollega
2. Melkamu Mulugeta, Physics 4th, Amhara Regional State, Achefer zone
The following 5 students have been suspended from Addis Ababa University for two years and
are required to pay the damage done on the university during student protest [February 28,
1. Addis Gudeta Yadeta (female), Mathematics 3rd, from Borana zone
2. Bekele Siyum Teshome, Mathematics 3rd
, from Amhara Regional State, Banja zone
3. Kejela Admassu Dheressa, Biology 1st, West Wollega
4. Temesgen Chewaka, Statistics 3rd, Horro Guduru zone
5. Tadele Tarrekegn, Earth Science 3rd, East Wollega
The following 5 students have been suspended from the university for one year and are required
to pay damages in order to get back to school [February 28, 2013]
1. Gemechu Deleto, Computer Science 5th, from Arsi, Asela
2. Fekadu Worku, Chemistry 3rd
, from West Shoa 8

3. Esayas Etana, Earth Science 1st, from West Wollega
4. Abebe Tuji Chala, Biology 2nd, from West Shoa
5. Gari Tolina, Geology 2nd, from East Wollega
The following 23 students have been given warning and required to pay damages in order to stay
in the university [February 28, 2013].
No. Name Department Year
1 Dirbaba Sarbaba Geology 2
2 Muluneh Gemechu Geology 3
3 Abdissa belachew Civil Engineering 3
4 Abebe Chala Statistics 3
5 Muni Shamsu Geology 3
6 Dessalenyi Ebissa Geology 2
7 Gadissa Abera Geology 2
8 Ephrem Kumela Geology 2
9 Fitala Jima Geology 1
10 Derege Hailu Geology 2
11 Meseret Tefera Herrega 1
12 Yakob Geda Chemistry 2
13 Abdeta Abdissa Herrega 2
14 Lema Amenu Biology 1
15 Tufa Hamda ICT 1
16 Workitu Wogi Geology 1
17 Gadissa Tadesse Chemistry 1
18 Jemere Belai Biology 3
19 Abebe Degefa Biology 3
20 Melaku Girma Biology 3
21 Hamid Mustefa Physics 1
22 Sanyi Digafe Herrega 2
23 Solomon Alemayehu Art 4

List of Oromo students dismissed from Ambo University accused of “asking the question of
OLF” (March 01-2013)
1. Leta Ammante
2. Gizaw Dadhi
3. Legesse Temesgen
4. Amenu Wami
5. Haile Ararsa
6. Dinke Chali 9

7. Tekaliny Girum
8. Didha Gari
9. Hailu Dgheressa
10. Belai Etefa
11. Kebede Regassa
12. Andualem W/Gebriel
13. Gadissa Tesfaye
14. Daniel Fufa
15. Meskerem Baissa
List of Sidama students abducted accused of having ties with Qeerroo (March 06-2013)
1. Kassa Kayesso
2. Tafesse Barasso
3. Butura Butuna
4. Asaminew Dubale
List of Oromo civil servants abducted from West Shoa zone, Ejere districtfor allegedly
having ties with the OLF (March 29, 2013)
1. Habtamu Dechassa
2. Zelalem Tarekenyi
3. Tariku Jima
4. Bedhassa Negara (teacher)
List of Oromos jailed in Maikelawi Prison (April 24, 2013)
1. Tesfaye Lemu
2. Dessalenyi Alemu
3. Shasho Edossa
4. Birra Merga
5. Adissu Kereyyu (well-known singer)
6. Lelissa Gemechu
List of Oromo youth abducted and jailed from Horo Guduru zone, Abai Chomen district (May
20, 2013)
1. Teshale Adunya
2. Abbushe Oljirra
List of Oromo students dismissed from Jima University for allegedly having ties with the OLF
(May 20, 2013)
1. Gemechu Duressa, English 3rd
2. Zerihun Besha, physics 3rd
3. Aliyi Ibrahim, Physical Education 1st
4. Musa, history 2nd 10

List of Oromo students thrown into jail from Gedo High School (West Shoa) under the
accusation of “organizing the public against the government” (May 21, 2013)
1. Iyob Mekonnen, 11th
2. Wondimu Dirirssa, 12th
3. Bacha Faji, 12th
4. Bekuma Ameja, 10th
5. Sheleme Gidelo, 12th
6. Ebissa Fituma, 9th
List of Oromos thrown into jail from Borana zone, Moyale district accused of having ties with
the OLF (June 08, 2013)
1. Kumsa Teferi
2. Deme Regassa
3. Ibrahim Wariyo
4. Danye Getachew
List of jobless Oromo youth thrown into the notorious Maikelawi prison accused working for the
OLF (June 13, 2013)
1. Ephrem Alemayehu Oljira
2. Gelalcha Didha
3. Solomon Lammessa
4. Eyassu Gemechu
List of Oromos thrown into jail from Eastern Hararge accused of having ties with the OLF (June
From Harar town
1. Umar Sheik Mohammed, merchant
2. Efa Ziad Ahmed, Student of Rift Valley College
3. Abduljabar Ahmed, Student of Rift Valley College
From Awedai town
1. Roba Zekarias
2. Abdi Hussein
List of members of the government police force (Oromos) jailed under the same charge of
having ties with the OLF (July 16-2013)
1. Shibiru Benya
2. Tesema Etefa Kitessa
3. Geleta Migena
List of members of the government armed forces (Oromos) jail for lack of trust and suspicion of
having ties with the OLF (July 31, 2013)
1. Tesema Teressa 11

2. Misganu Olana
4. Lemi Belai
List of Sidama youth jailed on the occasion of Chebela celebration accused of chanting a slogan
against the government (August 07, 2013)
1. Sentayehu Lankamo
2. Amare Kamiso
3. Berhanu Kifle
4. Garedew Homa
5. Desta Chucha
6. Lamiso Shura
7. Dessalenyi Alemu
List of Oromos massively thrown into jail from Kofale district, Arsi zone (list is presented in
Amharic exactly as it has been received from the file of the government), August 08, 2013

1. Adam Jamaal
2. Leencoo Jiilchaa
3. Habiib Waabee
4. Gaachanoo Tusee
5. Mohaammed Dabal Usee
6. Jamaal/Arshoo Arsii
7. Mohaammed Ida’oo
8. Amaan Bulii
9. Mohaammed Hasaan
10. Rashiid Burqaa
11. Abbush Ibraahim
12. Maammush Ibraahim
13. Tukee Basoo

List of Oromos brought to the partisan “court” of the government (most of them after being in
jail for years) and convicted of fabricated charges sentenced to several years in jail (August 08-
No. Name Sentence
1 Dechassa Wirtu 8 years
2 Ebbissa Ratessa 8 years
3 Adamu 8 years
4 Dagim Bekele 3 years
5 Getu Saketa 3 years and 3 months
6 Jirenya Dessalenyi 3 years and 3 months
7 Barsissa 4 years 13

8 Kebede Bona To be released
9 Shashe 3 years
10 Alemu 3 years
11 Dirribsa Damte 3 years and 3 months
12 Berhanu 3 years
13 Degene 3 years
14 Getachew 3 years
15 Sena Merera 3 years and 3 months
16 Abdissa gudeta 3 years and 3 months
17 Mirressa Haileyessus 3 years
18 Deme Zerihun 3 years
19 Alemayehu Regassa 3 years
20 Abdi Derege 4 years

Student Efa yigezu was shot and killed by government forces in Western Shoa zone, Jarso
district. Many other students have been jailed (August 14, 2013), among them are:
1. Dessalenyi Alemayehu
2. Fekadu Tufa
3. Wondimu Gudeta
4. Ararso Kajela
5. Gemechis Benti
6. Bikila Isra’el
7. Husen Mohammed
8. Abaya Bayisa
9. Tolassa Alemayehu
List of Oromos abducted from the government forces and jailed under the accusation of having
ties with the OLF (August 19, 2013)
1. Shibiru Muleta, from Addis Abeba Police
2. Barasa Kitessa, From Addis Abeba Police
3. Jemal Muhe, from Federal Police
4. Alemu Tadesse, from Federal Police
Killed in Prison. The Ethiopian government killed Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda in prison.
(August 24, 2013) Tesfahun Chemeda was convicted for “terrorism” charges and for working
for the OLF and sentenced to life in prison.
List of Oromo youth thrown into jail from Ambo town for allegedly having ties with the OLF
(September 20, 2013)
1. Tesema Tadesse
2. Garoma Emiru
3. Keteme Gari (female) 14

List of Oromo youth arrested at the Irrecha Festival of 2013 at Bushoftu, Eastern Shoa zone
(September 29, 2013)
1. Teressa Hailu, who went to the occasion from Ambo town
2. Fromsa Oljira, who went to the occasion from Horo Guduru
List of Sidamas abducted and jailed (October 03-2013)
1. Aleka Degenu, youth
2. Homa Shaffiso, youth
3. Dimasso Shura, farmer
List of Oromos jailed and brought to the partisan “court” (October 25, 2013)

1. Teshale Bakasho
2. Terfassa Megerssa Hunde
3. Alemayehu Garomsa
4. Mulatu Abdissa Gobena
5. Lijalem Tadesse Hawi
6. Hassen Mohammed Usman
7. Adunya Lemessa Benya
8. Milkessa Wakjira Gemeda
9. Samson Alemu Kitessa
10. Gemechu Amishu Gelgelo
11. Usman Umar
12. Jarso Boru Rare
13. Esmael Kalifa Muzayil
14. Gutu Mulisa Gedefa
15. Kefale Fetene Gebeyehu
16. Hussen Berisso Godana
17. Tolassa Becho Gicho
18. Kanu Gunos Demisse
19. Etana Sambata Tucho
20. Abera Bikila Tolessa
21. Hirphasa Dube Dekam
22. Sorsa Debela Gelalcha
23. Asfaw Hangasso Bati
24. Mohammed Salim Wako
25. Beshir Dadhi Tullu
26. Hassen Aman Sagge
27. Muktar Usman Harbe
28. Alemayehu Tolessa Liban
29. Teshale Edossa Dirribsa
30. Bontu Wadai Bura, female 15

31. Bulcha Soressa Guyye
32. Mezgebu Debela Wakjira
List of Oromos jailed from Borana zone, Moyale district for allegedly having ties with the OLF
(November 9, 2013)
1. Teshome Guta
2. Lemi Urgessa
3. Ibrahim Hussein
4. Alemneh Getachew

Victory to the Oromo People!
National Youth Movement for Freedom anda Democracy(NYMFD)
November 16, 2013 like http://qeerroo.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/qeerroo_s-annual-report-nov-2013.pdf

Ethiopians back from Saudi recall attacks

Returning after clampdown, former migrants say they were beaten, robbed and jailed, and that they will never go back.


Police this week broke up a protest outside the Saudi embassy in Addis Ababa [AFP]

Police this week broke up a protest outside the Saudi embassy in Addis Ababa [AFP]

November 17, 2013 (Aljazeera) — When Abdallah Awele moved to Saudi Arabia from Ethiopia last year, he thought he would land a good job and earn enough money to send home to his family.


But instead, Abdallah, 21, said he was beaten, robbed and jailed for living in the country illegally.

“I wanted a good salary and a good life, that’s why I crossed the border,” he said.

“When I was in Saudi Arabia, I was successful, I was saving a lot of money and I had nice things. But I lost all of it. Now I am home and I won’t go back there.”

Abdallah was one of at least 23,000 Ethiopians living illegally in Saudi Arabia, and part of a group of close to 400 flown home on Friday after being expelled.

According to Ethiopian officials, three of their nationals were killed this month in clashes with Saudi police as the clampdown – set in motion after a seven-month amnesty period expired – got under way.

“I had 3,500 Saudi Arabian riyals (930 dollars, 690 euros). We were taken to prison, I lost my luggage, and all of my money was collected by the police,” Abdallah said.

“Even my shoes were collected by the police,” he said, speaking barefoot after leaving the airport with about 30 other men and showing scars on the back of his neck.

Abdullah, who had a job guarding animals, was jailed for six months – during which he said he was denied food and medical help.

Ethiopians unemployed

Facing limited job prospects and harsh economic realities back home, large numbers of Ethiopian men and women head to the oil- and gas-rich Arabian peninsula every year seeking work.

The International Labour Organisation said many face physical and mental abuse, menial pay, discrimination and poor working conditions, and the Ethiopian government announced last month it was banning domestic workers from travelling to the Middle East to look for jobs after widespread reports of mistreatment.

Like Abdullah, Abdurahman Kamal said he too was beaten before being jailed for ten days. His employer revoked his salary and his visa before handing him over to the authorities, he says.

“The police asked for money but at that time I didn’t have the money, so the police beat me,” said Abdurahman, 21, who worked as a driver.

Now he says he is relieved to be home after three years in Saudi Arabia.

“I get to go back to my family,” he said, wearing a torn shirt that revealed his scarred torso.

With 91 million inhabitants, Ethiopia is the most populous country in Africa after Nigeria, but also one of the poorest. Ethiopia’s unemployment rate – 27 percent among women and 13 percent among men, according to the ILO – is the main driver for young people seeking better opportunities abroad.

The UN refugee agency says that over 51,000 Ethiopians risked their lives this year alone on the risky sea crossing across the Gulf of Aden, where reports are common of ships sinking or refugees drowning after being thrown out too far from the shore.

‘Thousands’ in prison

It was greener pastures that led Ahmed Abduljebar, 25, abroad three years ago. He moved to Yemen to work as a waiter and was arrested when he crossed into Saudi Arabia without a visa.

He said he was robbed and beaten before being jailed for three months, and complained that the Ethiopian embassy should have responded faster to release Ethiopians from prison.

Ahmed said while he is happy to be home, he “feels sick” knowing there are still thousands of Ethiopians still in jail.

While they now face the difficult task of finding work at home, they agree they have no plans to go back.

“I would never go back again to Saudi Arabia,” Abdurahman said.